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Newsletter Subscription - Terms and Conditions

"Grand Cinema Digiplex newsletter (still named SERVICE or NEWSLETTER) is a free service delivered by SC Baneasa Developments SRL, still named PROVIDER to the users (still named USER or SUBSCRIBER), to whom the following terms and conditions apply.

The newsletter represents an electronic message (email), constantly delivered by the provider (once a week), to the subscribing users, who agree expressly and unequivocal, concerning the exposed terms and conditions in the present regulation. Any user can subscribe to the newsletter absolutely free. The subscription to the newsletter is being made by completing the newsletter form. Once subscribed, the user gives his agreement, expressly and unequivocal, concerning all these terms and conditions.

The term “user” is being used for all individuals or legal entities who subscribe to Grand Cinema Digiplex newsletter no matter the reason they might have.

The terms “Regulation”, “Agreement”, “Terms and Conditions” are being used to designate the present contract of use

These Terms and Conditions are being stocked by SC Baneasa Developments SRL and can be accessed on the Site, in Romanian. The terms and conditions of this newsletter service can be changed at any time by the owner or administrator, by updating them on www.grandcinemadigiplex.ro.

The administrator reserves the right to block the access of any user who violates the regulations of use or the legislation.


To benefit from this free service you must subscribe to the newsletter. To subscribe to the newsletter you have to provide personal data you are being asked for in the subscription form. The personal data needed: last name, name and email address. Additionally supplementary data may be required, with the condition that the user has to agree expressly and unequivocal. It is mandatory that the data introduced in form to be real. The introduction of false data is not allowed, as well as the introduction of data that does not belong to you. After completing the subscription form, you will receive a confirmation email on the address you used for subscribing to the newsletter. Only after the confirmation of the newsletter subscription has been made, your registration will be taken in consideration. The provider has the right to make a notification previous to the subscription if the data that has been introduced in the form is not real or does not belong to you.

Conditions of Use

The user must assure that the newsletters sent by the provider get to their destination (Inbox). If the emails sent by the provider get to the Spam / Junk / Bulk / Trash folder (automatically) or are marked as Spam by the used Soft (the email client), he user must click on Not Spam / Not Junk.

Marking any newsletter sent by the provider as Spam / Abuse is not allowed under any circumstance. The provider respects the user’s privacy rights and if the user does not want to receive the newsletters sent by the provider, all they have to do is unsubscribe. Unsubscribing is instant, and the user will no longer receive newsletters unless they subscribe again.

Personal Data

By completing the newsletter subscribing form, as a user, you agree, expressly and unequivocally that your personal data will be stocked and processed by the provider.

Personal data filled out in the form will be used in accordance with the confidentiality policy and will be not made public to any third party without your consent.


The provider does not offer any guarantee for the content provided in the newsletter and does not offer any guarantee that the service will function without any interruptions or errors, that the difficulties will be solved or that the provided materials through email are correct, exact and/or trustworthy. Also, the provider does not guarantee that the security issues or human errors of the soft can be totally prevented.

The provider cannot be made responsible for any damage, loss or inconvenience caused by the use of service. The responsibility of using the service is totally of the users.

SC Baneasa Developments SRL anti-spam policy does not tolerate unsolicited messages (SPAM). This way, the subscription to every newsletter is made only after the confirmation of the user’s email address. Also, the provider guarantees that once the user unsubscribes, they will no longer receive the following editions of the newsletter. Every newsletter sent by the provider will contain clear instructions of how to unsubscribe instantly (one click).

Termination of service provision

Any party has the right to stop providing, the access to the newsletter service respectively, at any time, without invoking any reason and without a previous notice.

SC Baneasa Developments SRL reserves the right to immediately stop providing its services towards any user, if he/she violated any of the conditions above.

Governing Law. Settling disputes

These General Terms and Conditions are governed by the Romanian law. Any misunderstanding concerning the execution of these General Terms and Conditions will be amiably resolved. If an amiable solution is not possible, the litigation will be forwarded to the competent court from the location where SC Baneasa Developments SRL is registered in order to be solved.

Contact Data

For any question regarding the provided service you can reach us at office @ grandcinemadigiplex.ro.

Final Clauses

The provider can collaborate with third parties in order to offer you in the best conditions the free service.

These terms and conditions can be changed afterwards, at any time by SC Baneasa Developments SRL, without a previous notice. When these changes are being operated, SC Baneasa Developments SRL will provide a new version of Terms and Condition on the Site. The user has to periodically check these terms and conditions, and if they no longer agree, they will have to stop using the newsletter service.

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